About SE007

fery and wifeI’m a UK based SEO maniac, obsessed with technology and big data, and also obsessed with doing things different and thinking out of the box. My life philosophy revolves around the concept of “you you always get in life ten times of what you give, be it good or bad”, so I’ll always try to offer the best of me, as I know that’s what I’ll get back from life. A great believer and watcher of the “law of attraction” concept, I’m experimenting with life, thoughts and emotions, and watching their effects upon me and those surrounding me. My discoveries about life and the manifestation of our thoughts and attitude are beyond imagination, and I always get thrilled whenever I discover the effects of a certain pattern of thinking and of a certain type of attitude of human beings.

Just as I watch and analyze hundreds of websites and I’m monitoring their strategical changes and watching their effect upon the business they drive, in the same way I’m also watching people around me, how they behave and how they think, what are their beliefs, and I’m watching the effects on their lives. I have discovered certain patterns of behaviors, thoughts and emotions that cause certain types of diseases, or unpleasant circumstances in life, and also specific thoughts and attitudes and beliefs that cause happiness, health and wealth. I find life an exciting journey of discovery and a path to the evolution of the self, a self that is much beyond of what we can perceive with our current beliefs and mindset.

My spy services on SE007.co.uk

I invest £1000’s into gathering search engine intelligence data. I have more than 110 million keywords in-depth data, 300 million Url data, and 5.3 trillion (yes, trillion) link connection data.
I know every move the top ranking websites are doing, and I know every SEO tactic they are using in order to rank well on Google. You can apply that to your website, and you will definitely get the same results.

With my services you will get:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • 100% professional SEO service, using huge amount of intelligence data
  •  100% super customer service
  •  UK based SEO
  • Top keywords your competitor’s are using to get traffic from Google. In most cases you will have a list of hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of keywords
  • Any SEO tactic they are using, for example, did they buy link submission services? Did they buy 10 separate domain names to create a link network? What is their primary link source? Who talks about them on the internet? Where are they buying advertising from? You will literally have a successful SEO technique presented in the document, a method that  they experimented and tested for years.
  • I will give you access to your competitors’ PPC marketing activities, their AdWords budgets, the most profitable ad copies, their call to action, and the best keywords in paid search.
  • History of their organic traffic for the past 2 years
  • History of their PPC traffic for the past 2 years
  • All the websites and pages that link to your competitor (sometimes it can be tens of thousands). This is the most powerful feature, as you can go and get a link yourself in those places, for your website.

This service is the best thing for your internet marketing, and is something your competitors don’t want you to buy. You don’t have to experiment, test, and fail many times until you get positive SEO results (if you will get). You will just find out exactly what the successful websites are doing, and do the same.

You will get an incredible amount of search intelligence data, that will put you ahead of most of your competitors, and give you an “unfair advantage”.